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Welcome To The Red Eye Syndicate

The Red Eye Syndicate is now open for business.

We are not just another fighter or trade squadron.  We are Star Citizens first (and only) “grey” guild, focused on generating credits for our members.

Why limit yourself to a small part of the opportunities in the galaxy? Why be just a fighter, a miner, a trader, a mercenary, or a pirate? We aren’t here to just be a small slice of the greater picture, we are here to help create that picture.  Gambling, bounty services, races, “previously owned” ship dealing, ship sanitizing are just a few of the opportunities the Syndicate will put together for you.

Recruiting is now open for applications. If you are interested please read our “About Us” and “Charter” pages before applying.

Listen to our interview on Blue Horizon Radio.

We are the family, we are the power, we are the Red Eye Syndicate.


End of the Week Report, July 26th

In terms of new content, not much has been added this week aside from the release of some limited run dog tags that sold out shortly after they went on sale. However, as every week, work continues on bug fixing in preparation for patch 12.5 and general ship development. In News from Around the Verse, the featured items were the development of new HUD designs for ships such as the Constellation, 350r, and Super Hornet, the finishing of concept work on the Origin 890 Jump, and the continuation on the upcoming game type New Horizons. Read more »


End of the Week Report, July 19th


Aside from the previously listed additions to the Pledge Store, this week has been largely focused on bug squashing and ship development, as stated in Around the Verse. A full list of updates is below. Read more »


Physical Additions to the Pledge Store

As of today, the Anvil Aerospace Hornet and Arena Commander t-shirts have been added to the Pledge Store for 25 dollars each. Along with these comes  the UEE Patch set, which contains the UEE logo, the Advocacy sigil, and the UEE Navy service badge, all for 19 dollars. If you want to support Star Citizen and get some cool gear along the way, head over to the Pledge Store.


End of the Week Report, July 12th


This week, like all of the others, was filled with news, updates, and new content. We had the usual shows, Ten for the Chairman and Around the Verse, which you can see here and here as well as the unveiling of the Aegis Gladius, which is on sale through next week. Read more »

Star Conflict presentation


Red Eye has expanded operations into StarConflict, at least until Squadron 42 comes out. It’s decent practice as a space sim and free. Add bugsweeper, Alatisha, and/or DonSovrano (yes, he’s on!) to get an invite into the corporation and start taking out hits for the Family!


Vanduul in the Family

Somebody in the Family just acquired a Vanduul fighter. Unfortunately, not me. Any guesses who?

The Family takes care of its own. If you’re interested in acquiring insured ships ships at cost, get in with some of the guys. Prove yourself and you might get something nice, too.



For an awesome read, check out Silverline‘s continuing fanfic Kane. You’ll read his first person account of what it takes to do business outside the UEE. His idea of “people skills” is…direct to say the least.

Our First Recruitment Video!

A Brief History of the Universe

I whole heartedly recommend you read the full Time Capsule, as it is written from multiple perspectives with very unique and talented writing styles.  This copy/paste job is meant for those who want to recap and only pulls out the core elements of lore from the Star Citizen Universe..

Time Capsule – http://www.robertsspaceindustries.com/category/time-capsule/

 2075 – Dr. Scott Childress and his team had complete the first self-sustaining quantum drive engine, capable of achieving 1/100th the speed of light.  For the first time, humanity could explore the solar system with unprecedented speed.

2113 – RSI designs a terraforming machine that can “process the atmosphere of a planet to convert it to a sustained oxygen environment, making it habitable for humans.”
Read more »

Star Citizen Timeline

Star Citizen will be released along the following timeline:
  • 12 months for alpha
  • 18 months for S42 launch
  • 18-24 months for SC persistent universe beta
  • 24-30 months for SC persistent universe launch
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